Own Your Life Rewards Programme - by Liberty Group

Enjoy a hot R2000.00 discount on installation cost

Are load-shedding and cold showers giving you the shivers? Wash away morning blues with a hot shower from a SolarTech Solar geyser that will not only save you megabucks in electricity but water as well.

As a member of the Own Your Life rewards programme, you get no less than R2000.00 discount on the installation cost of a SolarTech Solar Geyser which includes a ten year factory warranty and guaranteed workmanship.

With SolarTech you immediately qualify for an Eskom Rebate and you will also get two Hans Groe Chrometta shower heads, installed absolutely free, that will save you thousands in associated water bills.

Now that’s something to sing about in the shower!

Who can use this benefit Exclusive to members of the Own Your Life rewards programme
How it works for you Simply fill in the enquiry form below or send a mail to md [at] setsa [dot] co [dot] za. All you have to do is swipe your Own Your Life membership card when making your payment
What you pay As an Own Your Life member you pay R2000.00 less on SolarTech installation cost
When this benefit ends This benefit continues for as long as you are a Member of the Own Your Life rewards programme
The small print Please refer to the complete Terms and Conditions

If you have any questions or need more information about this benefit and a set of all the rules, email us at md [at] setsa [dot] co [dot] za or contact us.